What did the boa constrictor say to its victim? "I've got a crush on you."

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"Can I have some two-handed cheese, please?" a man in a restaurant asked the waiter. "What do you mean, two-handed cheese? asked the waiter. "You know, the kind you eat with one hand and hold your nose with the other."

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"Dad, can you write in the dark?""I think so. What is it you want me to write?""Your name on this report card."

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"Dad," said Rickey, "what is electricity?" "Uh," replied his father, "I dont really know too much about electricity." A few minutes later the boy said, "How does gas make the engine go?" "Son, Im afraid I dont know much about motors." "Dad," said the boy, "what is anthropology?" "Anthropology?" The father frowned. "I really dont know." "Gee, Dad, I guess Im making a nuisance of myself." "Not at all, son. If you dont ask questions, youll never learn anything."

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"Did you go shopping for my birthday present?" "Yeah, and I found the perfect thing." "What thing is that?" "Nothing!"

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"Did you hear? Laments gettin a Ph.D.""What does Ph.D. stand for?" "in his case, Pin-headed Dope."

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