Two fish are in a tank. One turns to the other and asks "How do you drive this thing?"

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A farmer gets sent to jail, and his wife is trying to hold the farm together until her husband can get out. Shes not, however, very good at farm work, so she writes a letter to him in jail: "Dear sweetheart, I want to plant the potatoes. When is the best time to do it?"The farmer writes back: "Honey, dont go near that field. Thats where all my guns are buried."But, because he is in jail all of the farmers mail is censored. So when the sheriff and his deputies read this, they all run out to the farm and dig up the entire potato field looking for

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A fire broke out in a six story apartment building last week in a near by town. A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette escaped the flames by climbing up onto the roof.When the fire department arrived they got out a blanket held it up and the Chief called out to the brunette to jump into the blanket.The brunette jumped. As she was falling swoosh the firefighters pulled the blanket away and she landed on the street like a brick.The firefighters then held the blanket back up and the Chief told the redhead to jump."No way! I saw what you did to my fri

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A group of girlfriends is on vacation when they see a 5-story hotel with a sign that reads, "For Women Only." Since they are without their boyfriends and husbands, they decide to go in. The bouncer, a very attractive guy, explains to them how it works. "We have 5 floors. Go up floor by floor, and once you find what you are looking for, you can stay there. Its easy to decide since each floor has a sign telling you whats inside." They start going up and on the first floor the sign reads, "All the men on this floor are short and plain." The friend

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A guy driving a truck in the middle of nowhere picks up a hitch-hiker.It gets dark and the hitch-hiker falls asleep. Suddenly bang, and thehitch-hiker wakes up,"what the hell was that?". The truck driverreplies, "some kinda animal, go back to sleep."Further the same thing again, bang, "What the hell was that?","some kinda animal again."Further into the night, bang, bang, bang, "What the hell was that?","Some bastard!". "How terrible",says the hitch-hiker, "but there were3 bangs"The truck driver replies, "Yeah, well I had to go through two fence

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A little boy went into a bakers How much are those cakes ? he asked Two for 25 cents, said the baker How much does one cost ? asked the boy 13 cents, said the bakerThen Ill take the other one for 12 cents ! said the boy

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